Cooking class with raw food at the Cabanon des Oliviers.

" To each your own rhythm for change with a goal to bring more living food into your diet. "
- Nicole LEFEBVRE -

I hope to share with you the benefits of live food and welcome you to our Cooking School and Bed and Breakfast in Entrevaux to share reinvigorating recipes (lactose and gluten free, vegan and without sugar). You will discover new ways to cook and stay healthy : seed sprouting, pastries, fermentation, fresh juices with a juice extractor, using a blender...and more.

What is raw food ?

It’s a new, creative way of cooking, using a wide range of ingredients to have the maximum biovitality on your plate.

This is healthy food and world cuisine, raw or dried at less than 40°. It’s not necessary to cook,  it preserves vitamins and minerals for your health, vitality and taste.

How the cooking class operates

It’s a hands on cooking class for 6 to 8 people.

A schedule is on line each month where you can reserve. The specific day chosen is the day that the most people have selected.

Rates are between 6 and 10 € + you can give what you want or as you can in all good conscience.

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