Picture of Nicole and Rémi

Picture of Nicole and Rémi LEFEBVRE

The Cabanon des Oliviers is a creation of Nicole and Rémi Lefebvre, they shared in commom well-being, nature and traveling and the desire to open their home.

After several different jobs Nicole has learned reflexology and massages, Rémi is currently asking himself what he wants to do what job ?

They met at the end of meditation stage, and after travelling in Asia and they decided to live together in Entrevaux. They put down their suitcases and renovated the Cabanon des Oliviers.

The restoration of it is based on natural materials, hemp, mud plaster, solar water, solar energy, dry toilet outside. We always have a few unfinished projects.

The food we propose is organic and as local as possible or fairtrade, and the water is filtered by Natarys.

After some health issues, Nicole turned towards natural, gluten and lactose free food and without sugar, along with fresh juices. She has regained her vitality and understands the importance of raw food !

Rémi, passionate about the water sector suggests and markets water filtration systems and works in partenairship with Natarys and H2Origine.

We welcome you to our home where the life is sweet, regenerating and energezing.